The acoustic guitar forum is back.

In a move that should make guitarists happy, a handful of the world’s biggest guitar companies have announced a collaboration for the first time, with acoustic guitar’s biggest fans all over the world getting to meet and learn with their favourite manufacturers and brands.

The forum will be held in London from December 4 to 6, and the event promises to be an event that will leave you with a taste of the acoustic guitar community.

You’ll also be able to buy your very own acoustic guitar, which will also come with a range of acoustic accessories, as well as some limited edition acoustic guitar models.

The announcement of the collaboration between Acoustic Music Group and L’Art de Guitar in the UK comes a year after the L’Etoile, a French guitar company that’s been a major player in the field, joined forces with R&B star Jason Ellis in an attempt to bring a “more inclusive, less confrontational, and more intimate” environment to the acoustic music community.

The two companies announced a new partnership in April 2016, with Ellis to release a new acoustic collection of music that will be sold on L’Oreal’s online store.

The Acoustic forum will also feature a “special VIP” section where you’ll be able access exclusive videos, photos and performances of L’Étoile’s most talented artists, plus a chance to win a signed guitar from Ellis, which you can purchase on L.A. Guitar Store’s website.

There will also be a “private private showroom” for acoustic guitar enthusiasts, and a chance for acoustic artists to share their skills and expertise.

The L’Astro-Ferrari collaboration is expected to attract more than 1,000 people to the forum, and it looks like a good opportunity for those looking to pick up a guitar and learn about its history and evolution.

The collaboration between L’Aspect and Acoustic is likely to be the biggest of the bunch.

The collaboration will include Acoustic’s famous “Tribute to the Dead” acoustic guitar collection, which includes some of the biggest names in the industry such as Jimmy Page, Slash, Brian May, Tom Petty, The Who, and others.

The Tribute to Dead guitar collection was originally launched by Les Paul, and featured a full-size guitar, a Gibson Custom Stratocaster and a special edition Stratocasters “Treaty” strap.

The guitar was only available as a limited edition, and has sold for $7,500.

The limited edition Strat’s strap is only available through a special deal on the L.F.I.

A website, and is currently listed for $12,500 on eBay.

There’s no word on whether or not the guitar will be offered as an acoustic guitar in the future, but we’ll keep you updated on the situation.

The online shop will also offer some of Acoustic G’s signature guitars, as we reported back in August that the site will have “the world’s most sought-after and revered acoustic guitars”.

These guitars, including the LESR, ESK, and Les Paul Signature models, are all very special, with the Les Paul signature model being among the world, if not the most sought after, of all the acoustic guitars.

The new L.

Etoiles’ collaboration will mark the fourth collaboration between R&am, L’Atelier, and Acoustique, and should also help attract some big names from the industry to the Acoustic forums.

There were no details available about which manufacturers and/or brands will be joining the collaboration, but there will be a chance at winning exclusive acoustic guitar products.


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