The last time I checked, a lot of people weren’t using

In fact, most people don’t even use Outlook.

You don’t need to upgrade to the new version of Outlook.

The new version is called Outlook for Windows, and it will make it easier for you to access your e-mails and other data stored on your Microsoft account.

But for many people, Outlook is just not a priority.

In an e-Mail update, the sender and recipient of your message will see different icons than the one they see when they open an email.

Outlook for Mac and Outlook for iOS are also designed to let you open e-Mails on your Mac, and to let Outlook sync e-Email messages.

You can set up Outlook to send the same icons to both Mac and iOS users in your account.

Microsoft Outlook for Android has some other new features, too, including a new “send” button in the upper right corner, as well as a more secure, more robust email app.

Microsoft also is adding a new email sync option in the Settings app.

The old one, which was the same as Outlook.forMac, worked great for sending emails between two people on your local computer, but you couldn’t sync them.

The Sync option lets you send e-Messages and e-mails between two devices.

It syncs the message, the data, and the attachments.

If you want to keep sending emails, you can disable the Sync option and keep using Outlook for your existing account.

The Outlook for Apple app, which is free for all iOS users, is also getting some nice new features.

It will show you the time and date of when you sent your message and automatically syncs your messages.

It also lets you set up and share attachments.

And there’s a new, faster option in Settings, called “Add attachments to send” to let users create attachments for e-Attachments.

And a new section in the app lets you control whether the messages you send get shared or sent to people with whom you have a Microsoft account or Outlook.

For iOS users with Outlook.go, Outlook for the Mac, or Outlook for iPhone, Outlook has also made some minor changes to help with things like security and compatibility.

Here are the new settings in the Microsoft app:


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