The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant is on the rise, and the media has a clear role in ensuring that the threat it poses is not allowed to go unnoticed.

And yet, while the media focuses on how the group’s growing popularity is “a threat to the West,” the mainstream media continues to report that it is merely an extreme fringe phenomenon.

The media is a key player in the rise and expansion of ISIL.

The organization is an offshoot of al Qaeda in Iraq, which was founded in 2003, and was formed as a successor to al Qaeda’s original caliphate.

In fact, the group has had a long history of establishing itself in Syria and Iraq.

While the group was created in Iraq to wage a brutal and bloody war against the US-led invasion in 2003 that ended in a brutal stalemate, it has had considerable success in expanding into areas of the Middle East and beyond.

ISIL has also made its presence felt in Europe, and has proven adept at recruiting young people to its cause.

The group has also gained popularity in the U.S., where ISIL’s ideology has been embraced by a number of young men, many of whom are also jihadists.

It has become clear that the rise in ISIL’s popularity is a major problem for the West, which has suffered from a series of attacks on Western targets by the extremist group.

However, despite the group having a long record of terrorizing the West and the terrorist attacks that have been carried out on its behalf, the media and the mainstream have failed to report the real threat that ISIL poses.

In particular, the mainstream has largely ignored the rise as a fringe phenomenon in the West.

The media has generally focused on ISIL’s success in recruiting people to join the organization, rather than its true aims, which are to further destabilize the region and kill Westerners and Europeans.

Instead of focusing on the group as a threat to Western interests, the focus has been on the growing number of Westerners who are willing to risk their lives and become martyrs in order to help ISIL to achieve its aims.

As I wrote recently in a piece for the New York Review of Books, ISIL’s rise has led to a number a Westerners wanting to join.

And despite the fact that ISIL has been able to use Westerners as human shields and to conduct a number attacks, the West has not been able or willing to do much about it.

While we can’t stop ISIL’s growth, we can and should be able to reduce the number of Americans who join ISIL and those who die fighting them.

As long as ISIL’s reach remains so strong, it is unlikely that we will see an end to the rise.

This is especially true given that many Westerners will likely never return home.

One of the main reasons ISIL is such a powerful threat is that it has used Westerners to carry out its attacks on the West’s soil.

ISIL, as I have written, has created a network of sleeper cells in the United States and Europe that have learned the tactics and skills of terrorists.

These cells have been used to attack the United Nations, the U,S.

government, and even the United Kingdom.

They have also been used by ISIL and other terrorist groups to carry operations in Europe and the Middle West.

When ISIL’s members in Europe were able to travel to Syria, they became a valuable recruitment tool for ISIL.

ISIL’s use of Western recruits is also an important part of the group in Iraq.

ISIL recruited many Western recruits to fight in Syria, and they are also believed to have recruited hundreds of Western fighters to fight against the Iraqi government.

This may be a contributing factor to the increase in ISIL activity in Iraq in recent years.

ISIL also uses Westerners, particularly in its areas of influence in the Middle and North East, to carry its operations in these areas.

There are many reasons why ISIL is able to expand in the region.

There are two main factors that contribute to ISIL’s growing reach.

First, ISIL has created an environment in which its members can grow and prosper.

ISIL is the second-largest terrorist organization in the world, after al Qaeda.

In 2015, ISIL had approximately 7,000 fighters in Iraq at the peak of its activities.

Today, ISIL is estimated to have more than 30,000 members in Iraq alone, with around 100,000 of those fighters in Syria.

ISIL does not need to recruit from the outside to gain its recruits.

ISIL recruits from its own ranks, and its members also know that they can travel freely to join ISIL, whether they want to or not.

Second, ISIL recruits Westerners because they have been trained in the methods of terrorist organizations.

ISIS’s use in recruiting Westerners has been particularly successful, because Westerners are willing and able to give up their lives for the cause of ISIS.

As I wrote in my article for the Review, ISIL and al Qaeda were able, due to the strength of their internal networks,


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