The Terraria community has been left shocked by a thread on the Minecraft forums where a mod of the game called a racist poster was banned for six months.

The moderator of the forum, known only as “Zee” on the community, banned “Ziggy” for two months on October 11.

Zigggy posted a number of offensive and threatening comments about Black people, including calling for the death of Black people.

“You should all be fucking executed,” he wrote in one of his posts.

Zee was a moderator on the Terraria forum, which has nearly 2 million members.

He said he was not allowed to make posts on the forums because of his position as a moderator.

He did not say why he banned Ziggy, but the moderator later told Reuters that the forum had been “pushed into the ground” by a new, more aggressive moderator who was “very hostile”.

“We’ve had to make some difficult decisions, including the decision to ban Ziggy,” Zee said in an email.

“It is very sad that some members of the community are feeling targeted by this new member of the Terrarian community.

It is also disappointing to see how little of a voice we’ve had on this forum in the past few months.”

The moderators of the Minecraft forum are not always happy about posts, but this is the first time that a moderator has been forced to make such a decision.

The Minecraft forum was set up by the developer Mojang to foster a community for Minecraft games.

It has since become popular with people from all walks of life.

Minecraft is a massively multiplayer online game which lets players create their own worlds in a world created by Valve.

There are more than 30 million players worldwide, making it one of the most popular video games on the internet.


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