I’ve been trying to get my hands on Google’s upcoming Android Lollypop since the Nexus 6 came out back in November, but I was still not ready to buy a device like the Nexus 5X, which came out a month later.

After a few weeks of frustration, I finally got the phone I’ve always wanted.

The Nexus 6p has just received Android L, the latest version of the platform that Google has been working on for over a year.

The big changes in Android L are the move away from a proprietary user interface, and the ability to stream your content from your phone to the Google TV app on the Google Home device.

Android L is a big step up from the original Lollipop that was released back in 2016.

It’s designed to make the device run faster, with more RAM, and more storage.

Google announced the Lollipop update in November last year.

The company also announced that Google will be launching a number of new devices later in the year.

We have a detailed review of the Nexus 4 that will go live later this week.

Google also announced the Android L update for the Nexus 7 on October 25.

The new update comes a month after Google added support for a new feature called Google Photos, which will let you record videos and share them with friends and family on the go.

Google’s Android L release date for the Pixel was pushed back, to November 21, but it was released a few days later, and Google will finally be launching its own Pixel phones at Google I/O.

Google also announced a new Nexus 9 tablet called the Pixelbook at the event.

There are a lot of reasons why Google is working on a device that is designed to run faster than the original Nexus 6, but the biggest one is battery life.

Android Lollipops are designed to be incredibly fast and last for years, so I would assume that the Pixel 6 will have a battery that is at least as fast as the Nexus 10.

It will also likely run on more powerful hardware than the Nexus 9, but that’s another story.

The Nexus 6 will be the first Google Nexus to use the latest Google AI, which is an AI system that is built to understand how people use apps.

This system uses machine learning to understand the preferences of users and make suggestions based on those preferences.

Google has also made some other changes to its operating system, including removing Google Search and removing Google Now.

Google has also said that it will remove some features from Android L. However, it will continue to be available for purchase.

Google is expected to make an Android L Lollipop phone later this year, but if you’re still waiting to buy one, you might want to skip the Nexus.

The Pixel is one of the best Android phones around, but a $150 phone is a huge price to pay for the performance of Android L and the performance you get for $300.


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