The latest fangirl news: In the most recent installment of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” the “B” word is still used as an adjective to describe a character, despite its true meaning.

So why does that make it so hard to rate the film? 

It’s because of the word “B,” the character in the film, Buffy Summers.

The word B is the title of the fictional town of Sunnydale, home to the Scoobies.

That name was given to the town in a line from the Buffy the Vampire Slayers season 1 episode, “The Burden,” in which Giles and company are searching for a missing girl who’s been missing for several weeks.

The Burden is where Buffy meets the Slayer, who turns out to be Willow Rosenberg.

It’s also the name of the character who would later become the Slayer.

That’s why “Buster” is the most popular fangirling term among fans.

That, and the fact that the Scooby Gang is in Sunnydale.

In fact, the “burden” is so popular, the internet even has a Facebook page for it.

But that page is called “BustyBuster,” and the fangaming has spread like wildfire.

In a poll by The Wall Street Journal’s website, “Fandom Busters,” a total of 15% of people said they had at least one “B-word” in their vocabulary.

That means nearly half of the readers have a name that has the word B in it.

Another fan of the Buffy show, “LazyTownie,” wrote, “I’ve seen the term ‘Buster’ a lot, and I know that it has a lot of ‘B’ in it.”

“I’m not sure why it’s so popular on fangame websites,” she continued.

“But I think it’s definitely a part of Buffy culture.”

“Bust” has also been used as a term to describe an ex-girlfriend of the lead character in a video game, “Busters.”

A Tumblr page has also sprung up for the game’s heroine, who has the character’s name written all over her face.

A Tumblr blog for “Bungie’s New Girl” is full of “fangirling” posts, including “The Last of Us: Part II” and “The LEGO Movie: The B-word is still in the title.”

Bust is an insult to Buffy Summers, who was a part-time vampire who saved the world from the Scoobs by saving the life of a man named Kurt Russell.

The character was voiced by Tom Savini, who played Buffy Summers in “B.P.R.D.” and “Battlestar Galactica.”


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