New Year’s Day was a rough day for many in the world of RU.

The day began with an online forum for new recruits, a subreddit called RU Forums, and a couple of online porn websites.

A new game called SWGOH started streaming on YouTube.

On the ground, however, there was only a few news sites, including News24.

Some RU users said the subreddit was the worst news site in the RU.

There were also many posts on Reddit, where some users said RU forums had become the place to find people looking to fuck other people.”RU forums have become the worst place in the entire game,” one user posted on the RU Forums subreddit.

“I don’t want to be on this forum anymore.”

Another said: “I hate RU forums, but I’m happy with this new website.”

And the worst part is, most RU users still have no idea what RU forums actually do.

One RU user said: “They’re just a platform for people to advertise themselves and they don’t even care about what they’re doing.”

Some RU forums also let people advertise themselves as “fucking strangers” to get into other people’s private chat rooms.

They even have an option for users to upload pictures of themselves to their profile.

But for RU users, RU forums are only a platform.

“They do have a bit of an advantage over other places,” said one RU forum user.

“Most of them just don’t have any of the community tools and it’s very much a private forum.”

Some users on RU forums said they were happy with the new website, but they were concerned about privacy.

This is the same website that lets you view porn, and the same one that is used to advertise.

But some RU forums users also said they would never use the site again.

“It’s too much of a waste of time,” one said.

Another said, “If you can’t be trusted you’re not worth using.”

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