It’s been two weeks since the Supreme to the Court ruled in the Affordable Care Act case of Burwell v.

Hobby Lobby that a religious employer can opt out of paying for birth control, and President Obama and his administration are refusing to act.

The Obama administration has been making repeated efforts to convince the court that the decision should not be enforced.

The Supreme Court is now weighing whether the president can extend his contraception mandate to religious institutions that object to its coverage requirements.

So far, the administration has argued that it is a violation of the Establishment Clause, which prohibits religious organizations from endorsing or opposing political candidates.

But the Supreme court has made clear that it does not recognize the president’s authority to force religious institutions to comply with the Affordable Act’s contraceptive coverage requirements by issuing an injunction.

As of this writing, there are no rulings from the Supreme Courts in Indiana and South Dakota that allow the president to compel a religious institution to comply.

The courts have not yet determined whether this decision will be overturned by the Supreme.

So if the Supreme does overturn the case, it will be the most significant legal defeat for the Obama presidency since the Affordable Health Care Act.

The next step is for the administration to file an amicus brief with the Supreme, arguing that the Supreme has no authority to strike down the president and the ACA’s contraceptive mandate.

The brief, however, has yet to be filed.

The president has repeatedly made statements claiming that the ACA is “not just the law of the land, it’s the law by which the United States of America is governed,” a statement that has been taken up by religious conservatives.

The administration argues that it has “a strong case to make that the mandate violates the Establishment and Free Exercise Clauses of the First Amendment,” and that the case should be dismissed.

In short, the president is arguing that religious organizations cannot refuse to provide insurance coverage for birth-control methods if they object to paying for the services.

In the absence of an amici brief, the Obama Administration is asking the Supreme justices to rule that the Affordable Healthcare Act is constitutional, even if it is not a religious mandate.

In this case, the Supreme is asking whether the Obama White House is violating the First and Fourteenth Amendments.

The answer to that question is a resounding “yes.”

The Supreme has repeatedly held that the president has no power to force a religious entity to do something the administration does not want it to do.

The Court has said that the First, Fourth, and Fourteen Amendments protect a person from “unreasonable interference with the exercise of his religious beliefs,” which includes requiring religious organizations to pay for contraception.

And the Supreme also said that “a statute that violates the Free Exercise Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment is not an unconstitutional law.”

The president’s argument that the contraceptive mandate is a “religious mandate” violates the Constitution because it is unconstitutional because it imposes an unconstitutional burden on religious exercise.

But it is unclear what exactly the Supreme will do if the administration loses this case.

A court has already ruled that a provision in the ACA that required employers to pay out-of-pocket for birth and family planning services violates the First Commandment, which states that government does not favor any religion over another.

But in Burwell, the justices also held that this mandate does not violate the Free Speech Clause, a law protecting freedom of speech.

If the Supreme doesn’t decide to dismiss the case before the end of the term, the Affordable health care law could be overturned.

The ruling on Burwell could have an immediate impact on women’s health insurance coverage.

The Affordable Care Action Coalition (ACAAC), a conservative advocacy group, is urging the Supreme Supreme Court to rule in favor of the contraception mandate.

ACAAC has argued for months that the contraception requirement is unconstitutional, because it violates the freedom of religion and conscience.

ACAACE has filed an amitiative brief in the case that asks the Supreme not to issue a ruling on the contraception issue until after the next election.

If ACAAC succeeds in getting the Supreme decision to overturn the contraception provision, it would make the Affordable care act even more unpopular with voters.

The health care act was passed in 2009 under the leadership of then-President George W. Bush, who was a staunch supporter of religious liberty and an ardent supporter of the Affordable healthcare law.

But he was unable to secure the support of Congress, so the administration needed to push the law through the House and Senate without the support from Democrats.

It succeeded in passing the ACA, but the law didn’t have the support it needed to become law.

In 2016, the ACAACA lost its most recent Senate re-election race.

The Republican Party lost control of the Senate in 2016.

It’s now uncertain whether the Trump administration will seek to re-elect the GOP, and Republicans are already struggling to gain the votes to pass the ACA.

The ACAACA filed an amendment to the Affordable insurance act, which would repeal the contraceptive coverage mandate and allow religious organizations


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