Free Republic is a popular news source for those interested in libertarianism, especially in the United States.

A new hacker group, the “Fappening,” claimed responsibility for a cyberattack that shut down the Free Republic Forums in China, causing millions of users to lose access to their sites.

The hackers also claimed to have gained access to the email accounts of many of the forum’s moderators.

The Free Republic Forum is a forum for discussion of topics like Free Republic, Free State Project, Free Republic of China, and more.

It has thousands of registered members, according to Free Republic’s website.

The group’s claim to have hacked into the forum comes on the heels of a separate cyberattack on the forums.

The attack, which was first reported by The Verge, shut down most of the site’s forums and made them unavailable to many of its members.

The attack on Free Republic has caused major disruption to the online forum and the Chinese government, which has warned of the risks of the group’s activities.

“We will respond appropriately in accordance with the law and our national security obligations,” said Li Keqiang, the vice president of China’s State Council.

“The state will take action according to its constitutional responsibilities and protect the interests of our people.”

The Free Republics website is inaccessible in China.

The government said it was working with the cybercriminals behind the attacks to determine the identity of the hackers.

The FreeRepublic Forums are the largest and most popular forum on the Chinese internet.

A lot of Chinese people have been using the forum as a way to discuss issues such as Free Republic and the Free State Movement, a far-right political movement that advocates for a return to China’s traditional communist system.

The Chinese government has been cracking down on free speech online for years, and has been especially hard on online forums that promote certain viewpoints.

The hack on FreeRepublic comes as the U.S. Federal Trade Commission is investigating how the Chinese state used the FreeRepublic forums to sell software and other goods to foreign companies.


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