With a little more than a week to go before the start of the NBA draft, NBA fans can finally get to know the future of the league.

While it’s tough to judge how the draft will affect teams and prospects as we head into the draft lottery, the fact is, the teams that win the lottery will have a chance to draft the players they want.

While the NBA is a team sport, the draft itself is far more than just picks.

For example, the lottery is just one of many different events in sports that can affect a player’s future.

This year’s draft is just a part of a huge event that’s also the beginning of a brand new season.

As you can see, the NBA season is far from over.

For many fans, this is the last chance to get a glimpse of the new faces that will be joining the league this year.

But for others, the season is about to get even longer, as the NBA playoffs start in just four days.

While it might not be the best time to be a sports fan in 2017, the NFL season is a great way to watch a whole lot of football.

The NFL has just announced the schedule for the NFL Playoffs, which starts March 13 and ends March 21.

The league’s schedule is a little different from the NBA schedule, but there are still plenty of opportunities to watch the NFL this season.

For instance, there will be three games on the same Sunday in 2017: the Miami Dolphins vs. the Green Bay Packers on March 15, the Seattle Seahawks vs. Oakland Raiders on March 16, and the San Francisco 49ers vs. New Orleans Saints on March 17.

So, for those fans who want to get caught up on all the action, here’s how to watch all of the NFL playoffs on March 13.


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