A new breed of fan is turning to social media to find out how to become a fan.

In a rare move, the NFL has opened its league office to new players.

Here are 10 ways to get involved with the league:1.

Get your credentials.

The league’s governing body wants to keep it simple.

It is asking players to provide their credentials.

It will allow players to sign up for a league account on the league’s website.

The account will allow them to watch games live, sign up to games and access other league-related services.

Players will also have access to a league email account that is open to anyone who wants to reach out to the league.

Players who sign up through the NFL account will also be able to receive a 10-page draft questionnaire that will give them an inside look into what it takes to become an NFL player.2.

Check out the league website.

Players must use the NFL’s official account to sign-up for the league account.

The NFL is trying to get more players to log into its website, which will allow the league to send out player information about upcoming contests.

Players can also check out the team page of the league on their smartphones and tablets.

The team page will allow users to view the game schedules, schedule reminders, standings, player ratings and other information.3.

Visit a game.

If you are not a fan of a team or the game itself, you can visit the game on your smartphone or tablet and watch the game.

The game is shown live on the site.

The app will also show you a recap of the game as well as scores, stats and other important information.

The apps are also available on Apple devices.4.

Follow the teams.

The teams will be on the homepage of the app, and players will be able click on their names and follow the team’s account.5.

Follow all the players.

The player profile will include information about the player, including how they earned their starting position and the team they are playing for.

The league has also created a player profile page that players can visit to see their statistics and information.

The NFL’s commissioner, Roger Goodell, is expected to introduce a proposal to create an NFL Network to stream all of the games.

Goodell is also expected to unveil plans to stream the games in select markets in the U.S. and Canada.

The first game will be played in Week 3 of the regular season.


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