When you hear Pac-10 Conference president Greg Byrne talk about the Pac 12’s future, he’s almost always referring to a different era.

That’s not what he meant in a recent interview with the New York Times.

Byrne made the comments while discussing the future of the Pac 10, which has been under a $500 million contract since 2013 and is expected to be worth more than $1 billion in 2021.

The conference has been losing money in the past year.

Bryant told the Times that the Pac 11 was a big problem for the league because it was a “trendy conference” with a “low quality” basketball program.

But, Byrne continued, the conference had a “very strong tradition” that allowed it to “move forward.”

Byrnes comments echo the sentiment of many sports fans and commentators who say the Pac12’s lack of commitment to diversity is hurting the sport.

“It’s a very, very, small market,” said Joe Mascarenas, executive director of the Gay and Lesbian Sports Foundation.

“It’s not a very large market.

It’s a small state.

So it’s hard for people to understand why it’s a huge market.”

Bryants comments came after he said that the conference has “failed to grow,” as ESPN’s Joe Schad and ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi reported in November.

The article pointed to the fact that the league has never hosted an NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

“We’re very, really disappointed that our current model of being in the NCAA tournament isn’t working,” Byrne said.

“We have a very strong tradition of excellence and we’re not moving forward.

We’re really disappointed in that.”

Byrnys comments echo comments made by others on the sports media, including ESPN’s Jemele Hill, who recently said that if the Pac11 were to join the Big 12, she would consider it a “perfect storm.”

“I would not be surprised to see us join the SEC,” Hill said.

In his recent interview, Byrne did not offer a timeline for the conference to expand to the Big Ten, which could be a major factor in how it will continue to thrive.

“I’ve got a great team, I’ve got some great people on that team,” Byrne told the New Times.

“But the best thing that I can do is to continue to grow and continue to invest in our program.”

Buchanan also said that he wants the conference’s membership to be “full, diverse and inclusive.”


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