The most famous photograph of the twentieth century, taken in Berlin in 1933, was taken by German photographer Rudolf Röhm.

The image of a swastika on a German-occupied Berlin street, and the slogan, “Heil Hitler!”, has been used to inspire hate and bigotry in Germany and around the world for decades.

In response, the world has seen a renewed focus on the image and the struggle to re-create it in an age of mass surveillance.

In this exclusive interview with Al Jazeera, photographer, essayist and author Rüdiger Schmitz speaks about his book, The Great Nazi, and why he believes the image will never be taken down.

[More: The Great German]’A powerful image’ Röhn’s famous photograph is now part of the national memory of the German people.

Its power to unite, and its significance to Germany’s identity, has never been fully appreciated.

This is because it was the first photograph taken in Germany, in 1933.

Its presence in the national consciousness is the image which people remember.

But how can it be taken away from us, how can we be removed from the history books?

What will we say when we look back on this image and think, I was in Berlin when Hitler was in power?

Röhms’ image is an example of a symbol of a great, powerful and beautiful Germany, a symbol that the world can no longer ignore.

It is the first photo in the history of photography to be shown at the world’s largest photographic exhibition, the World Press Photo, and has become the symbol of freedom, freedom of the press, democracy and human rights for all.

The picture was taken on the night of March 10, 1933.

Röehms’ father was an SS officer and a member of the Gestapo.

He worked as a photographer during the Second World War.

He became a member the Berliner Zeitung newspaper in 1945 and worked as its managing editor until 1968.

At that time, Röhs father was murdered.

His mother and brother were killed in the Holocaust.

In 1970, he moved to Paris, where he spent a year as a freelance photographer.

After a year of residency in Germany’s capital, Rohms returned to Berlin, where his father’s murderers were arrested.

He went to live with his father in the US, where they worked together in a photo studio.

After the war, he returned to Germany, where the Nazis seized power and, under the guise of helping the country’s new democracy, began the process of removing the Nazi-imposed images from the country.

After years of imprisonment, Rühms was finally granted asylum in the United States.

The book, A Nazi Photographs: The First Photographs of the Nazi Party, is a work of art, a testament to the power of the image, the courage of the photographer and the history and the impact of this work.

In a country where images of the Holocaust were used as a tool to incite hatred, Røhm’s photograph of a German street sign is one of the most powerful images of this era.

Its message is clear: we must not be silent and it is our duty to see that the image is not forgotten.

The Great Nazism The Great Nazis were not a group of terrorists.

They were a political party with a strong tradition of anti-Semitism, which was at the core of the ideology of the party.

They had strong support among the working class and were able to influence public opinion.

In addition to Hitler, the party also included a number of political leaders from other German states, notably the members of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP), who were committed to a socialist agenda.

The Nazis were also influenced by the German philosopher Adolf Hitler, who had become obsessed with the idea of an ideal of racial purity, and whose ideas influenced many of the members who came from immigrant families.

In 1935, the German Social Democratic Party (SPD) had been formed, which would later become the Nazi party.

The SPD was a radical leftist party which had formed in 1934.

The leader of the SPD was the charismatic politician Franz Josef Strauss, who was also the head of the Jewish-Christian Bund, which had become the second largest group in the German political party.

Strauss was the only leader of a modern German political movement who spoke about a socialist future.

Strauss’ views and his ideas led to the establishment of the Third Reich, the formation of the SS and the concentration camps, which the Nazis executed for many years.

The Nazi party and the SS, however, did not come into being by accident.

They came into being because of a series of events.

In 1932, Hitler’s father, Joseph Goebbels, had been a member and chief editor of the left-wing German daily Die Zeit, which opposed the Nazis and was known as the paper of the people.

When Goebbs son, Friedrich, was killed in 1934


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