In a recent interview with Kotaku, Activision’s senior vice president of game development, Jason Rohrer, was asked if Destiny 2’s multiplayer mode would ever get a sequel.

He responded, “Not at this time, but it’s always possible.”

Destiny 2 is already one of the most popular games of the year, with millions of players signing up for the game, which launched on November 19.

Its first expansion, Skyblock, launched on December 13, and was followed up by the Destiny 2 beta.

Both of these expansions added new weapons, a new campaign mode, and a new weapon-specific challenge, which players could participate in as a squad.

But while Destiny 2 had a lot going for it, the Destiny franchise has suffered some setbacks over the last few years.

Destiny 2 has been cancelled for two years, with a sequel to be announced later this year.

In addition, Activision has had a hard time selling its own games, particularly in the wake of Activision Blizzard’s disastrous fiscal year, which saw its stock price drop by more than 25%.

The game has a lot of fans, but there are also some who feel it isn’t as good as its predecessors.

One of the reasons Destiny 2 was cancelled is that Activision Blizzard felt that it could not compete with its own franchise.

While Activision Blizzard is known for its online multiplayer, its Destiny 2 is a much more linear game, and its multiplayer modes are less challenging.

For example, in Skyblock’s multiplayer, players had to be grouped into a squad of four, which was far from easy.

“We knew we couldn’t compete with Destiny 2 and so the reason we decided to cancel Skyblock was because the players who were going to play Skyblock were going [to] have to play Destiny 2, which is a little bit of a different experience,” Rohrer told Kotaku.

The biggest change for Destiny 2 players is that they have more freedom to customize their character and abilities.

Players will no longer be forced to pick up a weapon that they are comfortable with, and players will be able to choose which weapons they prefer to use.

Additionally, players will have the ability to swap between different types of weapons, such as assault rifles, sniper rifles, and shotguns.

Players will be rewarded for playing through a number of missions, which can be completed on any difficulty level.

However, this does mean that players won’t be able play with friends or strangers, which could lead to some players abandoning Destiny 2 if they don’t like playing with people.

The Destiny 2 team also revealed that they were working on a new expansion called the Rise of Destiny 2.

As the first DLC for Destiny, Rise of the Destiny is set to be released on November 22.

This expansion will include an updated version of the Skyblock multiplayer mode, which will see more weapons, new weapons-specific challenges, and new missions.

According to Rohrer and Activision, the Rise DLC will not include any new content, but is still being developed.

Players who have already signed up for Skyblock and Rise of Death will have access to both expansions on launch day.

The Rise of Dawn 2 will also be released as a free DLC, which means that players will not have to pay anything.

It will be available as a standalone purchase from Activision, or players can purchase the Rise for $4.99 and use it to buy Rise of Fire.

However, there are some concerns regarding Destiny 2 that gamers have voiced.

Rohrer said that the multiplayer experience will be more “engaging,” but that the game still lacks the multiplayer of Destiny 1.

Activision Blizzard has also been slow to respond to Destiny 2 player complaints.

When asked about the Destiny 1 issue, Rohrer responded, “[Skyblock] is one of our biggest disappointments, so we’ll see how the future unfolds.”


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