In the wake of the election, conspiracy theories have been rampant.

While Trump’s victory was not officially declared until after midnight, many on the far-right are still convinced that he won.

The alt-right movement has embraced the idea that President Trump won the election by exploiting and disenfranchising minority groups, many of whom are white and male.

The “alt-right” has also claimed to be behind a wave of “fake news” that has been widely distributed across the internet, including through conspiracy sites.

While the alt-righters have taken credit for the dissemination of false news, they have been largely absent from the mainstream media.

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In a video posted to the “alt” forum, a commenter claimed to have received a mysterious text message from someone claiming to be a “Trump supporter.”

He said that a message was “from a trusted source,” and that he had “received a text from a Trump supporter” that was “really telling me what to do.”

The text, according to the user, was a confirmation that “the alt-left is back” and that “everything is going to be fine.”

The person then posted a link to a “fake story” claiming that Hillary Clinton would be indicted for her involvement in the “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Trump supporters on the alt right have also begun circulating “Trump memes,” which they said were created in response to the election results.

A man who goes by the handle “SonicSnoop” told Breitbart News that “Theres been a ton of ‘Trump memes’ on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and 4chan.

I got the idea for a couple of months now.”

Sonic Snoop, who goes under the name “Spencer,” told Breitbart that he has been working on the creation of “Trump meme” threads on Facebook and Twitter for several months.

He said the memes have been posted over the past several weeks, and that they are “really spreading” through social media.

SonicSnoap told Breitbart on Tuesday that he was “not aware of any actual conspiracies or people who are saying that they’re going to jail for this.”

SonicSpen, who has been “honestly” on the internet since 2009, told Breitbart he has only seen “a couple of conspiracies” that were being promoted online.

SonicSnop, for his part, told the site that “most people who post stuff that gets spread are probably just people who want to see what the general populace thinks.”

SonicSnap told the website that he believes that “it’s a bit like being in a community where people are in it for the lulz, and so there are going to always be conspiracy theories and crazy stuff going on.”

Sonic said that he hopes that “somebody does something about it” and “I want people to know how important it is to not be afraid of the internet.”

In his video posted on the forum, SonicSnip said that “if there’s an actual reason for someone to be arrested for a crime they committed, it’s always good to get some facts out there about it, especially when there’s so much misinformation out there.”

On Tuesday, SonicSnorp told Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro that “a lot of conspiracy theories were already out there in the wild.”

Sonic told that he wants to help spread the truth about the election because “if it’s fake news, then it’s not real news.”

Sonic also said that many on his “alt right” Facebook page are “just trying to take over the world.”

Sonic Snop also said “it’d be nice if [the media] actually got it.

It’d be great if we could get some of the truth out there, and not just ‘Trump’s supporters are lying.'”

Sonic Snap said that if the media didn’t “get it,” he’d “like to see them arrest the people who spread the misinformation.”

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