Delphi and BMW are still working on the launch of the new i3 car, which will be the company’s first mass-market car, and the two automakers have been making steady progress on their car’s design.

The first images of the car leaked over a month ago.

The cars look pretty good, and they’re expected to hit the streets by the end of the year.

In January, BMW unveiled the new X3, which looks very similar to the current i3, but is also equipped with an all-new engine.

The new i5 is expected to debut in 2019, followed by the 2019 i3 and the 2020 i5, which should arrive in 2020.

Delphi’s latest effort is the 2019 Delphi i3 Concept, which it hopes will launch by the beginning of the 2020s.

The concept has been in development for years, but has only been in production for about two years.

This is a new car that is supposed to be a bit different, as Delphi has to be quite sure that it’s going to be able to handle the high-speed, extreme-performance torque that it needs for the next decade.

So far, the car looks like a much more modern version of the current model.

The Concept will be able use an all new engine, which BMW hopes will produce up to 472 horsepower.

Delphias designers have made a lot of changes to the car to make it more agile, but the car still has the same basic design, so it will likely retain the same exterior styling.

The body is made of aluminum, which gives it a lot more rigidity than before.

The car has a unique dual-axis radar system that will detect objects and will be used for autonomous driving.

Del phiis designers also said that the new vehicle will have a new engine that will be available in 2020, and that it will be a lot lighter than the current car.

The i3 has a similar engine to the X3 Concept.

But it will also be equipped with a much lighter version of BMW’s i3 plug-in hybrid battery.

The powertrain will have two electric motors, with a single electric motor powering the rear wheels, while the electric motor will drive the front wheels.

The electric motor in the front is much lighter than in the rear, so the vehicle will be capable of handling high-performance acceleration without the use of batteries.

The two electric motor pods are connected to each other through a gearbox, so they will all work together for an even higher power output.

The four electric motors are connected by a powertrain controller, which uses a single motor to drive the rear axle, and a second motor to charge the battery in the back.

It is a very advanced technology, so Delphi expects to be ready for the launch in 2020 of a battery that will go up to 400 miles per charge.

But for now, it is not clear whether Delphi will make an i3 sedan.

The company has been working on a new electric vehicle for some time now, which was supposed to go on sale in 2021, but never went into production.

The idea was that it would offer a very high-range electric car, but Delphi said that it has no plans to sell an electric car to the public.

We expect the car that Delphi is developing will have similar specs, which are still in development.


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