If you’re looking for a sexy time with your new girlfriend, you may be in luck.

A new survey has found that the sexiest way to go out has become the texting app.

The survey by research firm Strategy Analytics found that 62% of American men and 58% of women say they use apps like Tinder or Match to meet their next lovers.

In 2016, the average American man and woman used Tinder at least once a week.

The latest results are based on 1,500 men and 1,400 women ages 18 to 29, who responded to the online survey.

In the survey, the researchers asked people what the most important thing they’d look for in a romantic partner.

The most popular answer was to text.

Nearly two-thirds of men and women who used Tinder said it was the most attractive option, while two-fifths of women said it would be the most romantic.

Tinder users also scored the most highly on the following questions: How many times a week do you go out with your friends and what’s the best way to meet up?

How often do you hang out with someone you really like?

How many hours a week are you spending with someone in your life?

How would you rate your own attractiveness?

What kind of relationship do you have?

The researchers found that women were more likely to use Tinder if they had friends and relationships.

Women who were single were also more likely than men to use it to meet a romantic match.

Men were more apt to use the app for casual encounters, such as casual sex or hookups, while women were less likely to do so.

The new findings are a big step forward for the dating app.

In January, Tinder suspended use of its app in the U.S. following a number of reports of users posting photos of themselves with non-consensual partners.

The app had been the focus of lawsuits from people alleging it violated privacy laws.

Tinder also faces legal battles over the use of facial recognition software on its platform.


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