Ramen-loving Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, a fan of the fast food chain, recently revealed he plans to be in a California court next week to face accusations he used Facebook to distribute child pornography. 

The case comes on the heels of the trial of former Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg, who was accused of running a prostitution ring on the platform, which was shut down in 2016. 

Zuckerberg, 52, said in a video posted on Instagram on Sunday that he would be in California to face the charges, but did not elaborate. 

“I’m not in a hurry to go, so I’m gonna wait for a little bit and see how things play out,” Zuckerberg said in the video. 

He has denied the charges and said the allegations against him are false. 

At a conference earlier this month, Zuckerberg said he was “sorry to be a distraction” for Sandberg. 

In the video, Zuckerberg also said he has no plans to go to jail. 

Read more on the case: Zuck will appear in Los Angeles Superior Court in his own right on Tuesday, according to his attorney, Christopher Dunn.

He will plead not guilty to three felony charges of conspiracy, child pornography and money laundering, the Los Angeles Times reported. 

According to the Times, the charges are similar to the charges against Sandberg: One count of distributing child pornography, the other of distributing false news, and a third of money laundering. 

A trial is expected to begin in May.


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