Forest River in Washington state is home to an amazing river of gold, but it’s also a source of fear.

A combination of mining and timber camps, roads and a toxic mix of toxins have been linked to a devastatingly high number of cancers and birth defects.

So, in the wake of the latest outbreak of cancer and birth defect deaths in the region, the U.S. Forest Service announced on Monday that it was taking the unprecedented step of closing the river, a project the agency says will save lives and save forests.

Forest River was first opened in 1894, but the river has been polluted by mining and logging and is now a breeding ground for a new, deadly disease, called Legionnaires’ disease.

Forest Lake in southern Washington State.

Forest Park in the Seattle metro area. 

 “The Forest River and its pristine wildlife are critical habitat for many endangered species, including the endangered river otter and river catfish, and for the migratory salmon, red kite, and the endangered western black bear,” said Forrest Tompkins, director of the U;S.

Fish and Wildlife Service’s Western Region, in a press release.

“In the face of these threats, the Forest is critical for wildlife, human health, and habitat health.

This is a watershed for all of us, and it is a reminder of the interconnectedness of all of our communities.”

It’s an incredible opportunity to save the forest, to protect the environment, and to preserve a place where the rivers are both sacred and sacredly sacred. 

The announcement comes as the Forest Park, the largest national forest in the country, in Washington State, is also closing, following the coronavirus outbreak. 

A few months ago, a massive fire destroyed part of the forest and prompted the federal government to take the unusual step of reopening the river. 

“This decision was based on the overwhelming science and science-based community consensus that the Forest and its ecosystem are irreplaceable,” Tompks said.

“This decision is not only a win for the public, but also for all the stakeholders who have been working to protect and restore this critical resource.

I am very proud to work with the Department of Agriculture and Forest Service to support this initiative, which will save the Forest from being destroyed.” 

In addition to the Forest, the watersheds of the Washington and Oregon rivers are also impacted by the new coronaviruses, as are the streams that feed them, and a few small communities are also affected. 

Tompkins told reporters on Monday, “The Forest is also a vital link in the chain of human life, and this closure is necessary to protect our environment and to provide for the health and welfare of the local people.”

The Forest and river are also the home of the Puget Sound salmon, which is one of the most endangered and critically endangered species in the world. 

On March 6, 2017, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that a newly diagnosed coronaviral variant had been found in the salmon population of the Columbia River, a region with an abundance of fish, including endangered species.

This variant is believed to be caused by a newly discovered strain of the coronovirus. 

In Washington, the first coronaviroid case of the new virus, known as PR5, was reported on March 19.

At the time, the CDC reported that it had confirmed a total of 26 cases and three deaths.

Since then, the number of confirmed cases has grown to 34 and has risen to 43, according to the agency. 

While the state has been taking steps to shut down the river in response to the coronvirus outbreak, a federal judge has ruled that it must be reopened. 

So, on Tuesday, the federal court of appeals ruled in favor of the Forest.

“The government’s decision to close the Forest has caused considerable emotional anguish and financial hardship to the affected communities and is particularly distressing given the substantial economic losses,” Judge Susan H. Young wrote in her opinion. 

Forest Park, an area of the river where many of the wild salmon are found, is now closed, and many of its roads are also closed, as well.

The closure of the rivers will not affect the number or the location of campsites and fishing, but there will be no access to water.

Forest Park is located just off the Washington state border in the city of Vancouver, Washington.


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