A handful of cards from the upcoming Hearthstone: The Card Game expansion have been revealed to fans, and the game’s creators have revealed more cards are on the way.

Hearthstone: The card game’s developers revealed a number of new cards that will be revealed over the next few months.

One of those cards is a card that will likely go on to be a staple of the game for years to come.

The card in question is called Auchenai Soulpriest.

You’ll recall that this card was introduced to Hearthstone back in May as a “tribute” for the card Whispers of the Old Gods, which made the card worth a total of 1 mana.

Auche is a very powerful creature, and as a 2/2 for 1 mana is a great start.

A new card that lets you draw an additional card, however, was the idea behind this card.

This card has a strong synergy with the Soulpriests and the Auches.

The Auchens were originally going to have one of the weaker spells in the game, but they have now gotten a much stronger version of it.

You can use Auch to deal with some of the other powerful minions, and you can even summon an Aucheng, which you can then use to draw two cards.

This gives you a lot of options for how to use this card in the early game, as well as a strong chance to hit a board full of minions with it.

Another card that has been seen a fair amount in the past couple months is the card named “Shrines of Yogg-Saron.”

This card was originally a card to be revealed at BlizzCon in August, and now it is getting a full, official reveal.

You may recall that a lot had to happen to the card to get it revealed at that time.

The team originally had to work with a company to get the card approved.

They worked closely with Blizzard to get this card approved, and it is now ready to go live.

“We’ve been very focused on making sure we have a card ready to play by BlizzCon.

We’ve been working closely with the Hearthstone community to make sure that every card has been designed with the community in mind, and with the cards we’re going to be showing at Blizzcon,” said game designer and producer Brian Fargo.

This new card also appears to be very powerful.

The card draws a card, which then can be used to create a 2-mana 4/2 body that has the potential to become a powerful 2/3 for 3 mana.

“This is an awesome card for the early-game, and is really powerful at the end-game,” said Fargo.

“It gives you the tools to start taking control of the board early and to start playing the game early.”

The new cards are expected to hit the game later this year, but a full card list will be released once that time comes.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted on what new cards will be unveiled at BlizzCON.


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