As the 2016 election looms, this is the first time we’re seeing an actual list of who’s been tweeting, posting, and otherwise engaging with politics.

Here’s a look at some of the most notable presidential candidates on social media in the past decade: Donald Trump Donald Trump has been in the news quite a bit lately.

His tweets about gun control and the Paris attacks were widely panned and some commentators suggested he was being too hard on President Obama.

Trump, however, didn’t have a problem tweeting about his own political success, which was evident when he retweeted a photo of him in a White House office with his dog, Teddy.

He also praised the Trump campaign in one tweet, saying, “I’m not gonna let this be about the dog.

It’s a dog!” 

He also used the occasion to criticize Hillary Clinton, who he said is an establishment Democrat, and her former running mate, Tim Kaine, whom he referred to as “a pussy.” 

“Hillary Clinton and Kaine are all of us.

You know it.

We are all Hillary,” he wrote. 

“They’re all a bunch of hacks,” Trump added. 

It’s been an unusual year for Trump on social-media, with the former reality TV star being criticized for his treatment of women, his feud with the parents of a slain U.S. soldier, and his refusal to release his tax returns.

He has since responded to some of these criticisms by taking to Twitter, posting his thoughts on a variety of topics, including the Paris terror attacks, and a post from the weekend where he called the shooting “a great example of how people can get away with murder.” 

Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton has a reputation for being a political hack, but she also has a track record of doing some pretty controversial things.

She has said that people who call the police to fight for their lives should not be prosecuted, and has criticized the Occupy Wall Street movement, which she said was a political ploy. 

Her Democratic rival, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, has also used social-network platforms, including Twitter, to criticize her.

Sanders has tweeted about the Paris shooting, and also said that Hillary Clinton “can’t defend herself.” 

Donald Trump Donald J. Trump is not just the most controversial of the 2016 presidential candidates, but also the most active on social networks.

He’s used social media to attack and threaten the family of a fallen U.N. peacekeeper, and to attack U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May, whose response to the attack on the U.T.O. was not one he expected. 

Trump has also been tweeting about how to “fix” his reputation.

In November, he tweeted, “This is what I want for my life.

A life of honor, self-respect and respect for others.” 

Trump also tweeted about his feuding with his former rival, Bernie Sanders. 

In one tweet last month, Trump compared his political feud with Sanders to that of his rival, Ted Cruz.

“I know a lot of people think I’m a crook, but I’ve been very fair and very honest about my past,” Trump wrote.

“In fact, I’m one of the few candidates in the race who’s never lied to voters.” 

But he’s not the only candidate with a record of social media activism. 

Former Republican Senator Rick Santorum Rick Santorum has been using social media since he launched his presidential bid.

His first Twitter account was in 2012, and he’s used the platform ever since. 

He has also tweeted several times about the 2016 U.M.C.S.-funded research program at Baylor University, where he was once an employee.

He criticized President Obama and the National Institutes of Health for funding the program, which had a goal of “reducing childhood obesity and diabetes rates by a third.” 

Santorum also took to Twitter in January 2017 to criticize President Donald Trump, calling him “a dangerous and dangerous man who’s doing everything in his power to divide and conquer America.” 

And in February, he retweeting a photo with a quote from the late, great Sen. Joseph McCarthy, who famously said, “Those who want to protect America must understand that they have lost their way.” 

Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders’ Twitter has been relatively quiet this year.

He hasn’t tweeted since January, but he hasn’t stopped using the platform. 

Sanders’ campaign said it doesn’t plan to engage in a campaign. 

 Scott Walker Scott Walker, who recently announced his candidacy for president, has been tweeting mostly about his time in the Wisconsin state legislature and his time as governor. 

Walker’s Twitter account is not particularly active, and in 2016, he only had two followers.

But he did tweet a tweet about the shooting at the UMTU that killed two students, and said that the shooting was a “great example of what happens when you don’t do something to stop a bad guy with a gun.”


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