Chrysler has announced it is in the process of developing a turbocharged version of its popular Fiat 500 series, and it has revealed that the project has been under development for over a year.

The new diesel variant, dubbed the “Civic 500”, will be produced in the U.S. under the Fiat brand, and will come as the new engine for the Chrysler 200 and 300.

The diesel engine will be similar to the turbocharged diesel engines that Chrysler has already produced for the Fiat 200, 300 and 300S, but it will be a more advanced version of that.

The company said that the new diesel engine would deliver “better fuel economy than its petrol counterpart” and would also provide a “better ride quality” and “better acceleration” compared to the petrol engines.

The Fiat 500 diesel will be available in a variety of engine configurations, with the 500L being the most popular of the four models that the company is currently producing.

The company will also be selling a version of this new diesel version in the Fiat 300S and 300T, which is said to have been designed to be a mid-size SUV.

It will be interesting to see if Chrysler builds a new diesel Fiat 500 variant for the US market, which would also include a diesel version of Chrysler’s mid-sized SUV, or if it just goes with a petrol Fiat 500.

The Fiat 500 is also being eyed as a possible successor to the Chrysler 300S that is expected to be launched in 2018.

The 300S will also have an electric powertrain, and Chrysler is expected in 2018 to release a new version of both the 300S sedan and 300TS SUV, which will have a diesel engine.

It’s worth noting that the 300 is already powered by an electric motor, so it’s unlikely that the same technology will be added to the new 300.

In addition to the diesel engine, the Fiat 400S and 500L will also get new diesel engines, with both versions likely to be produced by Chrysler.


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