The merging of AMC, Starz, Cinemax, FX, and FXX is just the latest move to expand the reach of the film and TV community.

In the past, AMC has also owned several film and television news sites, including MoviePass, MovieHawk, MovieStream, and, as well as many of the more popular film and news sites like

The AMC-Starz merger, which is expected to close in the first quarter of 2018, will bring those sites to the company’s online home.

The merger is expected, along with the other merger deals announced on Tuesday, to boost AMC’s online presence by 25% over the next 12 months. 

On top of that, AMC and its affiliates will merge with FusionMedia, which will continue to operate the MoviePass site. 

As part of the merger, FusionMedia will also merge with MoviePass’s online service, MoviePass . 

In other words, MovieMaster, Movie Master Movie, Movie, and MoviePass are now the same entity, but MovieMaster Movie is now called MoviePass and MovieMaster will be renamed to in order to simplify its name.

The new company will also include several other related sites, like , , and 

The merger will likely also expand AMC’s portfolio of video-on-demand content. 

According to a release from AMC, the merger will result in approximately $15.6 billion in value for the combined companies, as opposed to $6.9 billion for AMC and $7.3 billion for FusionMedia.

The company said that the combined company will continue the business of the MovieMaster family of sites, which includes MoviePass, and sites. 

Other major new deals announced include the acquisition of Starz-owned online service Cinemax.

The deal will create a combined streaming service that will allow subscribers to watch and download films, television shows, and other content via the same website.

The two companies will also acquire the rights to the popular Starz podcast, StarTalk. 

Starz also announced a merger with the subscription service CinemAX Movies.

A new partnership with Cinemax’s MoviePass TV service, which currently has an estimated subscriber base of 2.6 million, will add over 4.6% of the subscription market.

Cinemax also announced that it will combine its existing Movies.TV and streaming services with CinemAX’s MovieMaster and Moviemaster MovieTickets service. 

Both companies said that they will continue working together to further the growth of their services. is now also joining AMC, with the company acquiring the website, which already has about 1.4 million subscribers. 

AMC also announced the acquisition last week of the company CinemaxMoviePass and the MovieTickets platform, which together have over 5 million subscribers, with an estimated customer base of approximately 3 million. 

And AMC will also get the combined rights to a number of major movie news sites including , , MovieTickets, MovieTickets Movie.x , and News. 

A similar deal was also announced in the last week between AMC and the company Fandango, which also operates movie and TV sites.

AMC also announced plans to acquire several news and video-related sites, as part of its deal with the website, along in a similar manner. 

In a statement, AMC said that its goal with the merger is to create a more seamless experience for its customers, with fewer friction in terms of getting to the sites.

This merger will give AMC more time to focus on its core business of movies and TV. 

“As the world’s leading movie and television site, AMC’s commitment to the community and its content continues to grow,” said Scott Bernstein, CEO and Chairman of AMC Networks.

“This merger will allow us to leverage the power of the combined platforms to deliver a more powerful and unified online experience.” 

The combined company also announced Tuesday that it is teaming up with and to create MoviePass-branded websites and mobile apps that will provide a one-stop shop for movie lovers, along as a place for fans to share, watch, and discover movies and television shows.

AMC will continue developing MoviePass mobile apps, and the new company plans to roll out MoviePass as a subscription service in the next six months.


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