A new tool from an NSA whistleblower that can pinpoint the IP address of anyone you’ve visited on the internet may be getting a lot of attention.

In the past month, The American Conservatives has reported on the existence of the tool called Wera, and its potential for abuse.

The tool, dubbed XKEYSCORE, is a software that is capable of analyzing a computer’s IP address and the time of day.

This information is then sent to an app on your phone or tablet, where it can be used to track you and your surroundings.

However, this tool is not as secure as other popular tools such as TOR, SecureDrop, or Signal.

The tool is currently being used by the National Security Agency to track and target internet users in the United States and abroad.

But it also has the potential to spy on innocent people.

For instance, when a user searches for a certain search term, it is possible to identify that person’s IP Address, the time they are visiting that search page, and whether they are currently logged in.

This can be very useful when a suspect is arrested, as well as in cases of identity theft.

It is also used to spy and track people using a variety of social media platforms.

The new tool has already been used by law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, and the NSA is reportedly considering adding it to their toolkit.

Wera can also track the location of a person using their device, and if they are using a VPN.

The NSA also recently revealed that the tool can monitor and track encrypted communication.

What can it do?

According to a report published by The Intercept, Wera could be used by NSA to track internet users and their computers.

The document shows how Wera works.

It shows how a Wera device can send data to the NSA, and how this data can be linked to the location and IP address used by a specific user.

WERA devices could be linked with any of the following IP addresses:, (all VPN networks), 192.0, or any other IP address associated with a specific domain.

The Wera application could then link the IP addresses to their real-world IP addresses, thus allowing a target to see where a person is on the web.

If the target is logged in to a specific website, they can then access that site using their Wera app, and Wera will log the IP information.

What happens if I’m targeted?

Once a user’s IP is linked to an IP address, a WERA device can use it to identify them as an innocent user.

This would allow the device to send data and data packets to the FBI.

It can also determine if a user has been compromised or has a backdoor installed on their computer.

The FBI has not yet commented on the Wera tools existence, but it is suspected that this information will be shared with law enforcement officials in the future.

If you or anyone you know has been targeted by Wera and is still experiencing any issues, please contact The Intercept at [email protected]

The Intercept is a USA TODAY content partner offering independent news and commentary.

Its content is produced independently of USA TODAY.

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