On his second day in office, President Trump signed an executive order that ended his long-standing ban on transgender people serving in the military.

The ban, which went into effect on April 30, banned people from the military, public colleges and universities, and certain government agencies from using the term “transgender” to describe themselves.

The order, which is still on the books, banned trans people from serving in combat, including in the armed forces.

This isn’t the first time Trump has tried to repeal a transgender policy, and he’s never been very good at keeping the order from being overturned.

But as the Trump administration continues to move to roll back transgender protections, a few of the more important issues that transgender people face could become more relevant to the country.

Here are the top seven transgender-related issues to watch over the next several months.


Trans people are not being given the right to marry: The Supreme Court has already overturned a lower court ruling that said trans people can’t marry, and Trump has vowed to reverse that ruling.

But the Trump Administration has not explicitly said that trans people have the right in this administration to marry.

Trump has said that his goal is to restore fairness and respect to trans people’s marriage rights, but the Trump transition team has not specifically said whether trans people will have access to that right.

Trump’s transition team didn’t respond to a request for comment.

In June, Trump signed a law that said federal judges cannot refuse to enforce marriage equality protections for same-sex couples, a decision that could have a ripple effect in states across the country that have been struggling to pass marriage equality laws.

But Trump has not publicly announced whether the transition team will repeal that law.

A spokeswoman for the transition said in June that Trump has “no plans to repeal DOMA or the Defense of Marriage Act.”


Transgender people are still not allowed to vote: Trump has pledged to repeal the Voting Rights Act, the landmark civil rights law passed in 1965, and the U.S. Supreme Court is currently considering whether it will apply to states that don’t have voting rights laws.

The Supreme Courts ruling will likely lead to a Supreme Court challenge to the Voting Act.

Trump signed the Voting Section 4 Voting Rights Restoration Act in May, which included the language barring discrimination in voting.

The Department of Justice has been challenging the constitutionality of that provision of the Voting Reform Act, which requires states with a history of discrimination to make improvements in their voting procedures.


Transgender students have not received the same protections under Title IX as cisgender students: Transgender students are still barred from accessing Title IX funding, which pays for gender-specific programs and services that protect the rights of students with disabilities.

The Obama administration took steps to lift the ban in 2013, when the Supreme Court ruled that students with gender dysphoria can be treated as the gender they identify with.

But this year, the Trump White House has taken steps to undo those changes, and last week, the Justice Department sued the Trump team over its decision to lift that ban.


Transgender teens are still being beaten by their peers: While transgender people have made significant strides in terms of their education and access to healthcare, the Obama administration allowed trans people to be beaten by classmates and other students for being transgender.

The Trump administration has not formally announced its plans to lift this policy, but it has said it would “reconsider” it if it does.


Transgender women are still in high-stress, high-risk jobs: Transgender people have historically been disproportionately likely to be female in jobs that are not typically associated with women.

In 2016, for example, a study by the National Center for Transgender Equality found that transgender women are at higher risk for unemployment than other women of their gender identity.

The number of trans women of color working in high tech has also increased dramatically since Trump took office, and many of them face significant risks for being harassed and assaulted.

In April, a federal appeals court upheld a lower-court ruling that a Texas transgender man had a right to sue to protect his rights, after a jury awarded him $150,000 in damages and the possibility of unemployment.


Transgender workers still face harassment and discrimination: The Trump transition has said they want to “work toward a world where people are treated equally under the law and under the American legal system, regardless of their identity, gender identity, sexual orientation, gender expression, race, or national origin,” but the reality of the job market is that the Trump presidency hasn’t addressed all the problems faced by transgender people.

Many transgender workers are working in low-wage, dangerous, and dangerous jobs, and this year the Trump Organization has been accused of violating the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, a Title VII law that prohibits employers from discriminating against transgender people, including against women.

This year, a report from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force found that over 100 transgender employees were fired, suspended, or otherwise discriminated against


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